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Via A Volta 128/B, 20836, Ceriano Laghetto MB, Italia


Contact Our Solid International World Class Pump Team

If there is an urgent need or there is a pump request that is not in the basic specifications. Then immediately contact our team and we will immediately send the complete data spec to customers


Hotline : 1500 128 9927

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Service & Maintenance

We provide a pump guarantee for 1.5 years which is as a service advantage from us. The spare parts warranty if there is damage to some parts and also the pump service warranty if there is a problem in the application at some time as well or problems when the pump before installed.


Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee the best service from the customer to make a purchase order until the goods ordered have arrived and successfully installed in the intended field. As well as experts who are ready to help you if there are difficulties during installation until when the pump go testing.



If you need a different type of pump or type imperfecter, please contact our admin directly. To find out more about products, always check our website SOLID pumps